Classroom Slice of Life April 23

Here are some powerful pieces of writing. What do you notice?

Book Title Acrostic by Tiffany

Dog Man A Tale of Two Kitties

Dog Man is an epic hero

Our hero gets distracted

Got a little kitten friend

Most evil villain, Petey

A kitten clone gets created

Now Dog Man has the kitten

A tale of two kitties

The kitten lives with Dog Man in his dog house

An evil cat gets angry

Li’l Petey makes friends

End of Flippy evil fish

Our hero gets into trouble

Flippy is now good

The cats both argue

Who will stop Flippy

Our hero can’t stop Flippy

Kitten has to think to help

In the city

The comic book helps Flippy

The kitten and Flippy are friends

In jail Petey and Flippy

Escapes from jail again

Some things never change.

Poems by Nathan

Poems can rhyme

Or it can have a certain amount of syllables

Easy and short poems still can be funny

Many poems are on the internet

Syllables in poems only sometimes matter

A Cinquain About Earth by Nathan


giant, blue

moving, orbiting, spinning

God made the Earth


Classroom Slice of Life April 20

Students learned how to write a Cinquain.

Joshua’s Cinquain


big, fast

leaping, catching, eating

leaping to catch food


Oliver’s Cinquain


strong, good

runs, flies, climbs

defends from King Kong


Nelson’s Cinquain


enchanted, golden

eating, regen, combat

It is in Minecraft


Joselin’s Cinquain


big, soft

eating, jump, sleep

They are clean animals


Cianne’s Cinquain


deadly, crazy

kills, transforms, kidnaps

loves to kill people


Fabiana’s Cinquain


beautiful, bloom

fall off, grow, dance

makes the world beautiful


Cianne’s Cinquain


mean, hero

bullies, saves people, doesn’t follow rules

his quirk is explosion


Classroom Slice of Life April 19

Students chose what form of writing they wanted to do today.

Easter Bunny Acrostic by Jerenz




Tasty Easter Eggs






New born bunnies

Yellow eggs

Roblox by Leilani

On Roblox you can play many games like Murder Mystery, Adopt Me, Blox Brug, Brook Heaven, Ragdoll, and many more! You can also buy rubux and buy things with your rubux. Things you can buy with rubux is game passes and you can also buy clothes, hairs, faces, and so much more to customize your offit.

Adopt Me by Raina

Adopt me is fun. You can adopt pets. You can feed your pet. You can feed your pet ride pioson. And then you can ride your pet. You can dress your pet. You can get other pets. Other people can join. Your friends can join.

Classroom Slice of Life April 15

We learned how to write a Diamante poem. Below are some clever creations. (Note – WordPress formatting won’t keep the shape.)

By Joselin


green, small

draw, colour, write

soft, old, long, round

roll, hold, falling

lead, sharp


Moon and Stars by Sara


high, bright

spins, glows, goes down

lights up, holes, low gravity, huge

floats, shines, sparkles

gorgeous, neon


Classroom Slice of Life April 14

Yesterday we watched a livestream presentation by Polar Bears International. The topic was Spring Extravaganza: Seals, Cubs, Mating, and More.

I asked students to write about Polar Bears. They got to choose the format.

Polar Bear Acrostic by Hailey

Polar bears awake from hibernation in Spring

Out of their cave they look for tasty food

Lots of polar bears mate and have cubs in Spring

All polar bears like to eat seals

Ready to catch a seal when the seal takes a breath

Baby polar bears always follow their mother

Every polar bear eats half their weight

A polar bear mother takes good care of her cubs

Really hungry after hibernation

A Paragraph About Polar Bears by Joshua

Polar bears are very good hunters since they live in the Arctic. Their favourite food is seal. The polar bear hunting strategy is to lie on the seal breathing hole. When the seal comes up for air, the polar bears pounce on the seal wasting little energy then eat the seal. I learned so much about polar bears. They are so cool.

Classroom Slice of Life April 12

Students wrote Noun Adjective Phrase Poems. Enjoy!

Dogs by Oliver

Cute, loving, caring, nice

Plays with toys

Saves people lives

Barks loudly

Bunnies by Tiffany

Fluffy, puffy, soft, cute

Searches for carrots

Hops in the air like a kangaroo

Uses sense of smell to find food

Bears by Joshua

Scary, dangerous, furry, brave

Scare you when mama bear protects the babies

Love eating big, tasty, salmon

Usually hides out deep in the woods

Dinosaurs by Nathan

Giant, loud, extinct, dangerous

Eat plants or meat

Roams around loudly looking for food

Some dinosaurs swim

Classroom Slice of Life April 12

Division 10 has been learning about the various forms of figurative language. I tasked them to apply personification to poems they wrote about nature. Enjoy our Nature Personified poems!

Grizzly Bears by Alex

Grizzly bears awake from hibernation

Goes to catch large salmon

Long river with large salmon

Uses it giant teeth

Sees even bigger salmon and swims away

Ocean by Nathan

It arrived when the Earth arrived in the solar system

Gives life to us and water to animals

Seventy to sixty percent of the world is water

By giving us water

It leaves by evaporation.

Cherry Blossoms by Fabiana

Cherry blossoms arrive in Spring

They can be part of something beautiful, like a necklace or a bracelet

They can be in houses

You can take off the petals to make something

They fall off trees and die.

Classroom Slice of Life April 9

Bio Poem by Oliver


Creative, fast, strong, funny

Brother of Phillip

Cares deeply about family and friends

Who feels sad

Who needs food

Who gives snacks

Who fears sharks

Who would like to see cousin

Resident of Canada

Bio Poem by Cianne


Nice, shy, short, happy

Sister of Clyde

Cares deeply about family

Who feels happy

Who needs food

Who gives deals

Who fears roller coasters

Who would like to see cousin

Resident of Canada

Miraculous Ladybug Acrostic Poem by Lani

Lady bug





Under water

Go my little Akuma and evilise.

Diamond Acrostic by Sara


Its a little sharp

All o fit is special

Magical , mining


Not a waste



Minecraft by Joshua

End portal

Nether fortresses are dangerous like the


Classroom Slice of Life April 8

We learned how to write a Tanka, a Japanese form of poetry similar to Haiku.

Spring by Ashley

The sun is shining

Eggs are hatching up on trees

Flowers are blooming

Animals awakening

Morning Spring goodnight winter

A Flower by Hailey

I see a flower

It is blooming with power

It loves warm outdoors

It is like a butterfly

The flower flies gracefully